The Autumn edition of the BFVEA magazine ESSENCE was recently published. From this issue I have highlighted the article written by Amy Murphy-Watts entitled "They say never work with Animals" To view the full article go to 
"Recently I had the pleasure of being asked to take my essences to the horses at the Herd Centre in Buriton, run by Catherine Daley. I have to admit to being quite nervous. I haven’t really felt comfortable around horses since I was ten
years old, when a friend of mine put me on her horse and sent it galloping off with me clutching its mane in terror! Not a great first experience. However Catherine assured me beforehand that all would be fine, and that I would not
be put on a horse at all!

So, armed with my box of essences I arrived at this very idyllic destination at the foot of the South Downs, with Catherine waiting for me with a welcoming smile. She owns four beautiful horses, all with very different characters and
beauty. Catherine’s horses are not ridden at all now; some have been ridden in the past, but one has never had a rider on his back at all. The horses are allowed to just ‘be’, which in turn gives them a fabulous energy with which to
work with for those who visit."

Celebrating our 20th year

To celebrate the BFVEAs 20th year, we are running a special offer for all new members.  Applicants can join for £45 UK and £50 International.  
The Annual Gathering 2018 will be a celebration of our 20th year and our founding members.  

valid from 1st May 2017 30th April 2018

For more information email:  
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BFVEA Annual Gathering 2018

The BFVEA Annual Gathering 2018. Each year the BFVEA holds an annual gathering of members, friends, producers and anyone who is interested in flower & vibrational essences. Next year the event is taking place in High Leigh, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, from 23rd-25th March. Confirmed speakers to date can be found on the Annual Gathering page of the BFVEA website

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16. Sep, 2015

Past issues of ESSENCE magazine.

The BFVEA official magazine ESSENCE is published quarterly and costs £30 per year for UK subscribers (4 issues) and £37 per year for those who live overseas (4 issues). Before you subscribe you may like to see what you will be paying for - I have just uploaded the Spring and Summer 2014 issues. Go to the BFVEA website where you will find some pdf of past copies that you can download. ESSENCE magazine is complimentary as part of the Membership fee.

If you are currently studying for a diploma in Flower Essences you can now subscribe to ESSENCE the British Flower & Vibrational Essence Associations official magazine at a reduced rate. For UK students the fee is £23 and for those studying overseas the fee is £30 (subscriptions includes 4 issues). You will need to show proof of your studies and it is a requirement that the course you are studying covers all the BFVEA criteria and lasts for 6 months or more. For more information about ESSENCE magazine go to the BFVEA website

Choosing and using Flower Essences with Dr. Andrew

How to make a flower essence