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Are you considering coming to the BFVEA annual Gathering in 2017? There is still time to benefit from the EBO (Early Bird Offer). To qualify for the EBO a booking form and all monies need to be received by 1st January. You can pay by BACS, cheque or PayPal/Credit card. Our final date for taking bookings is 24th February so still time in the New Year to decide. Our confirmed speakers for the March event are, Helen Ward, Erik Pelham, Sara Turner, White Hawk, Chris Phillips, Tigrilla Gardenia, Ronnie Williams, Jo Gough, Heather K Veitch, Nikki Marianna Hope, Julie Bowman, Chris Bailey and Jenny Howarth and Lesley Oates. Many of the speakers can be found on fb if you want to pop along and check them out or you can go to the BFVEA website programme page and discover what they will be speaking about. http://bfvea.com/gathering-programme-2017.php
Hoping to see you there.

BFVEA Annual Gathering 2017

The BFVEA Annual Gathering 2017. Each year the BFVEA holds an annual gathering of members, friends, producers and anyone who is interested in flower & vibrational essences. Next year the event is taking place in Kegworth, from 24th-26th March. For full details and on-line booking please go to the BFVEA website http://bfvea.com

The Autumn edition of ESSENCE magazine, the official publication of the BFVEA, has just been published. This quarter I am highlighting the article written by Bonny Casel entitled 'An Essence Blend for the Seeker'. Below is a snippet, however you can read the whole article by going to the BFVEA website http://bfvea.com/essence-article.php  Student subscription rate available.

"On some level we are all seeking our true home, by which I mean
we are longing for our defragmented self. We wish to feel whole, and weseek this wholeness in all aspects of our lives. Our search for a home on Earth can be, and often is, a reflection of our higher longing; yet, in searching for satisfaction outside, we not only fail to experience the sense of wholeness we long for, but we also perceive the world outside of us as fragmented. This can lead to a state of profound dissatisfaction with everything and everyone that we encounter.
When the relationship between the self and the other is fragmented, we cannot experience peace. This is the state of the Eternal Seeker.
Let’s explore an example of an essence blend made with FES (Flower Essence Services) essences that could facilitate the relationship between self and other: Self Heal, Sweet Pea, Sunflower, Shasta Daisy, Yellow Star Tulip and Lady’s Slipper."

Spring issue of ESSENCE magazine

The Spring issue was recently published.  Here is a snippet of the article I have chosen this time written by Catherine Keattch of Crystal Herbs Divine Harmony Essences.  To view the whole article go to http://bfvea.com/essence-article.php

Changing Times
Since 2009 the pace of change has continued with a relentless persistence, carrying us through the 2012 gateway and on into a completely new set of energetic opportunities. We are now in the midst of a planetary shift in consciousness that is slowly but surely moving all of us out of our old third dimensional template for life and into a new much more expanded fifth dimensional one. A simple way to understand this is to think of dimensions as a series of ‘containers’, each with a different energetic configuration and set of ‘rules’ determining the experiences that can be had within them. Currently we are in the process of swapping our old third dimensional operating system for a new fifth dimensional one; leaving behind the separation of old polarity based thinking and learning how to operate
in fifth dimensional unity consciousness. 

Sara Turner (BFVEA Chair interviews Ronnie Williams the IEAW co-ordinator

International Essence Awareness week 2016


The Winter 2015/2016 edition of ESSENCE magazine has now been published and here is a snippet of the article written by Jan Stewart entitled 'Some things you may not know about Edward Bach - Coming out into the Sunshine' 

In the middle of winter, as we are now, many of us are missing the sunshine. A small daily dose of sunlight has many benefits. It is, of course, essential if we are to make our own vitamin D and maintain healthy bones; but it is also known to improve sleep patterns, elevate our moods, protect us from autoimmune disease and lessen Alzheimer symptoms. When Edward Bach wrote a book on ‘the real cause and cure of disease’ and titled it Come Out into the Sunshine, however, he was not referring to any of these gains. In May, 1930, he had closed down his medical practice and left London for North Wales where he planned to write up his ideas on health and search for plant-based treatments to support them. He was accompanied by Nora Weeks who acted as his secretary and assistant.


To read the full article go to http://bfvea.com/essence-article.php


In the Autumn issue of ESSENCE magazine, Erik Pelham, interviewed Ian White of Australian Bush Flower Essences. To read the whole interview go to http://bfvea.com/essence-article.php and click on the link.

Erik: I would like to ask you what you feel about the state of flower essences in Australia, and what special qualities, in your experience, Australian flowers have over British flowers?

Ian: Unfortunately I feel there has been a slight restriction with flower essences in Australia over these last few years due to a worldwide trend against vibrational medicine. On a more positive note, Australian Bush Flower Essences are widely available in pharmacies, health food stores and taught in all major naturopathic colleges in Australia. The special qualities that the Australian flowers have to offer people in the UK are that they are incredibly potent. Like most large continents, Australia has a very high number of flowering plants. It was also isolated for over thirty million years so our plants developed without the influence of vigorous introduced species taking over. 

As promised here is a snippet of an article written by Merri Walters - WILD CHILD. To read the whole article click on the link at the end.

She sat across the office from me defiantly slouching in her chair, her arms crossed over her chest, refusing to look at me. She was sixteen, and her stepmother had dropped her off then promptly left … probably coaxed her into my office with some threat.
Clearly, both stepmother and child were at the end of their rope. Amanda (as we will call her) was a large girl with beautiful glowing dark skin and shoulder length curly black hair. She had been in the United States for only nine months, but oh, those nine months had been very full - full of trauma and tantrums, full of threats and rampages.
Amanda was a wild child - unbroken like a wild horse. And I was (and am) a woman who understands the wild horse spirit. The strength and the power, the thundering hoofs, the masterful assurance and speed, the unconditional love and loyalty, brave and in perfect balance, all open my heart. This is the spirit that
helps to draw me to wild places, seeking out the still-free spirits of Mother Earth, be they humans, raging waters or truly wild, wild flowers. Unlike Amanda though, I have sought the horse spirit's wisdom and balance and not her fury. http://bfvea.com/essence-article.php

Latest news

16. Sep, 2015

Past issues of ESSENCE magazine.

The BFVEA official magazine ESSENCE is published quarterly and costs £30 per year for UK subscribers (4 issues) and £37 per year for those who live overseas (4 issues). Before you subscribe you may like to see what you will be paying for - I have just uploaded the Spring and Summer 2014 issues. Go to the BFVEA website http://bfvea.com/past-magazine-pdfs.php where you will find some pdf of past copies that you can download. ESSENCE magazine is complimentary as part of the Membership fee.

If you are currently studying for a diploma in Flower Essences you can now subscribe to ESSENCE the British Flower & Vibrational Essence Associations official magazine at a reduced rate. For UK students the fee is £23 and for those studying overseas the fee is £30 (subscriptions includes 4 issues). You will need to show proof of your studies and it is a requirement that the course you are studying covers all the BFVEA criteria and lasts for 6 months or more. For more information about ESSENCE magazine go to the BFVEA website http://bfvea.com

30. Jul, 2015

Summer edition of ESSENCE magazine

The Summer edition of ESSENCE magazine the official publication of the BFVEA has just been published. Here is a snippet of one of the articles taken from the presentation by Sue and Simon Lilly at this years Gathering on Preseli Bluestone given by Sue Lilly in this issue.

Subsequent to our working with the stone, we prepared several types of
essence. The first was the mineral essence (Preseli Bluestone essence). We also prepared a composite essence of the mineral and flowers on the Spring Equinox (Preseli Bower). Taking advantage of visits to Mynydd Preseli we made a water essence from a stream flowing off Mynydd Preseli (we call this the Preseli Dragon Essence). Later, at the request of several customers, we made a spray of the spring water, the mineral essence and the energy of a core pattern from Stonehenge.This is known as the Preseli Bluestone Spray.


To read the full article go to http://bfvea.com/essence-article.php

27. Apr, 2015

Student rate for ESSENCE subscription

If you are currently studying for a diploma in Flower Essences you can now subscribe to ESSENCE the British Flower & Vibrational Essence Associations official magazine at a reduced rate. For UK students the fee is £23 and for those studying overseas the fee is £30 (subscriptions includes 4 issues). You will need to show proof of your studies and it is a requirement that the course you are studying covers all the BFVEA criteria and lasts for 6 months or more. For more information about ESSENCE magazine go to the BFVEA website http://bfvea.com

29. May, 2015

June newsletter

The June issue of the BFVEA e-Newsletter was published today. As a subscriber you are entitled to download the BFVEA Guide to Flower & Vibrational Essences which I do hope you enjoy reading.

BFVEA Guide to Flower & Vibrational Essences

To subscribe go to the BFVEA website http://bfvea.com and complete the Newsletter subscription box.

8. May, 2015

Spring ESSENCE magazine

The Spring issue of the BFVEA Official magazine ESSENCE has just been published. If you would like to subscribe to this informative magazine then please go to http://bfvea.com/magazine.php to see more. You can also read and download a number of past issues.

Choosing and using Flower Essences with Dr. Andrew

How to make a flower essence