16. Jun, 2015

BFVEA International Essence Awareness Week

The IEAW started yesterday and hopefully you have seen all the posts going over the Facebook pages. It has been very exciting seeing so many essences and events happening and many more people liking the BFVEA page and I have gained a number of friends.  

To celebrate the IEAW I am posting a question each day to increase awareness of what flower essences are and how they can make a difference in a persons life.

Todays question is 

Vibrational essences are liquid solutions of the energetic imprint of flowers, plants, trees, crystals or other natural sources. Together with water and a preservative (usually alcohol) they are sold in small bottles and taken, in most cases, orally.

What are the other ways in which flower and vibrational essences can be administered?  

Tomorrow another question so do pop back.