18. Jun, 2015


You may find several essences that ‘speak to you’ regarding, for an example, an emotional issue you wish to address. Several essences may be appropriate, each having their own special nuance relating to your concern. Additional essences might also seem appropriate if they relate to the issue in particular ways, for example, how it initially manifested or why it continues. It is therefore quite appropriate to take several essences at one time. The important thing to remember is not to try to resolve too many issues at once, for doing this can confuse things and make it difficult to determine progress. Certainly some problems can be deep seated and it is not unusual for progress in essence therapy to include the unwrapping of several levels in one’s psyche. Once one layer has been removed, other issues may present themselves to be resolved. These could be related to the original concern or there may be additional problems that need to be resolved before continuing to work on the original one. This can make it difficult for the average person, without much experience of essences, to know where to begin.

A qualified flower essence practitioner will not only have a vast knowledge and supply of essences but also experience of working with clients with similar issues. They will also be able to provide an objective viewpoint whilst working with you to prioritise the best order of treatment if several issues are being presented. If you would like to find a BFVEA practitioner go to http://www.bfvea.com/directory-of-practitioners.php