New Essence magazine

28. Oct, 2015

Catch a Spiders Web - Jan Stewart

Spiders have been spinning webs for at least a hundred million years and they are still very busy. Orb webs (pictures 1 & 2) are mainly spun by the Aranneidae family and tangled cobwebs (picture 3) by the Theridiidae. To capture a web you need to venture out with a piece of dark coloured card, a pair of scissors and some hair spray. First spray the web on one side. Carefully slip the card behind it (where it is still sticky) and gently pull forwards. Snip any threads which remain attached to plants etc. Do not worry if there seems to be few threads on the card; all will be revealed at home. Here, sprinkle the web with a fine powder such as talc or flour. Shake it about then tip off the excess. Repeat if necessary until you can see all the details. The result can be preserved under cling film to make a Halloween card. 

You may also like to capture many webs or gather dew from them and make an essence. Gretchen Lawlor (an American astrologer) feels that her Cobweb essence is ‘for knitting together the web of your life, especially if events had been shattering--a useful remedy for soul retrieval work’; but yours may contain other signatures. There is also Daniel Maple’s Wild Earth Spider essence to try. This ‘facilitates inner connection and integration. Facilitates accessing one's deepest inner wisdom, and nurtures a sense of wholeness. As the vehicle of interconnectedness, supports one in tying together that which has felt separate within oneself. Nurtures a sense of belonging, connection, and integration at all levels of ones being. Meanwhile, spin a beautiful, nourishing time for yourself this week.

14. Oct, 2015


The BFVEA accredit a number of courses run by Advanced Practitioner Members who are also trained teachers. For a full list of BFVEA Tutor Members please see the BFVEA website and contact the Tutor direct for information and start dates.

If you are already a trained Flower Essence Practitioner and would like to join the BFVEA see the website for different types of practitionermembership, subscriptions rates and an application form

As a BFVEA practitioner you will be kept up-to-date with the latest legislation for essence practice and gain all the advantages of belonging to a friendly group of like-minded people who form the lead professional body for essence therapy.

9. Oct, 2015

Essences provide an excellent self-help therapy and, for simple solutions, self administering is ideal. However the choice of essences is vast, which can make it confusing when trying to select an essence for oneself. Also, if you attempt to
address profound or complex issues with essences, it can be difficult to know just where to start. In these situations you are advised to book an appointment with a qualified practitioner, where you can benefit from an objective view of your situation or issue and their expertise in flower essences.
The way in which practitioners work may vary slightly, according to their training, certain methods they may have adopted over time, other modalities they work with and their experiences with clients. In order to be able to help you, a practitioner needs to fully appreciate your specific situation or issue, so will need to ask you several questions in order to complete a case history form. In addition to utilising their vast knowledge of essences, some practitioners may work with kinesiology, dowsing or other intuitive means, to choose the essences specifically for you. Practitioners
create tailor-made bottles for their clients. These may consist of drops from either a single bottle of stock essence or a combination of drops from several different stock essences. Please see our directory for a practitioner in your area - BFVEA practitioners are fully qualified, insured, work to a clearly defined code of conduct and participate in a programme of continuing professional development.

7. Oct, 2015

During September Lesley Oates (BFVEA Education Officer) and Jan Stewart (Chair of the Confederation of Registered Essence Practitioners (COREP) carried out a site visit to Chalice Well, Glastonbury as part of their BFVEA essence course accreditation. The day offered time for acquiring knowledge and skills as well as personal development in a lovely setting. Find out about other BFVEA courses and how to become a Tutor Member on our website

16. Sep, 2015

Flower Essence Practitioner and BFVEA Committee member Sheila Balglobin led a six-month long pilot study on the impact of the Bach Flower Remedies on stress in emergency services workers (police, fire, paramedics) between June and December 2014.

In the interview below Sheila talks about the ups and downs encountered during the study, the interesting results obtained as well as tips for other practitioners who may be interested in conducting their own research.

This is important listening - please do share widely as so many people can benefit from this gentle yet profound modality.